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In office business lunches: 5 benefits

Lunch meetings at work should be more than an occasional celebration of an event, they should be considered as a standard occurrence, as research indicates it has a positive impact on company morale as well as your bottom line.

1. BETTER RESULTS: Scheduling your company or group meeting over a lunch results in more action. It sets a specific time for the meeting and also forces participants to jump right into activity as there is a set end time as well. Research also shows lunch meetings lead to more engagement from the participants. Being in a face to face meeting forces them to pay attention to the topic and encourages group participation.

2. PRODUCTIVITY: Eating a good lunch is important. Heavenly Ham's lunches are packed with healthy, protein packed choices. When workers eat a healthy lunch, they're re-fueling themselves for the rest of the day. Research has shown employees who eat a proper lunch are 150% more productive and nearly 50% more focused the rest of the day, when compared to others.

3. LESS TURNOVER. The number one reason for employee turnover is 'job dissatisfaction'. While we can't say that lunch meetings will make the work environment perfect, there is no denying it is a bonus that employees will appreciate and look forward to.

4. COLLABORATION. Working relationships are stronger when a group dynamic exists. These dynamics can be hard to create when everyone is busy throughout the day...another great reason why a lunch meeting is a good idea. Employees are more likely to build relationships with workers from other departments, thereby strengthening collaboration among your crew.

5. HAPPINESS. Who's not happy with a free lunch? Even if your company or group doesn't intend to pay for the lunch (each attendee can pay for their own), the fact that a lunch event is occurring generates a happier environment. No matter how you figure it.....a business lunch is a great idea.

Contact us at Heavenly Ham for our box lunch or catering options. We are sure to have a solution for you. You can see our convenient fax-a-lunch option here. Call us at (731) 668-4454 or email us here.

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