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Value of Corporate Gift Giving

Generating good will with clients, maintaining a long lasting relationship with them, increasing their spending, and creating referrals...are all benefits of corporate gift giving.

1. PEOPLE LOVE GIFTS: It's important to remember that, ultimately, companies are comprised of people. It's an undeniable fact that folks enjoy receiving gifts. Smart businesses take the time to include corporate gift giving as part of their marketing, branding, and client maintenance programs.

2. SAVE MONEY: Corporate gift-giving is an incredibly cost-effective method for public relations and advertising. The impact vs cost is powerful when compared to other forms of mass advertising.

3. MAINTAIN LOYALTY. Clients who receive corporate gifts are 60% more likely to continue a relationship with a given company, even when a competitor presents an equal or better alternative. Gifts reinforce the partnership between your company's contact person and the recipient, and reminds the receiver that their business is important.

4. INCREASE SALES. Research has found that clients who receive corporate gifts are more likely to spend more with the company that gifted them. Clients are more likely to consider increasing a budget when they see themselves as an important player in your business circle.

5. REFERRALS. Your clients are more likely to recommend you to others. Oftentimes, businesses network with each other and a client who is on your gift list is more likely to suggest your business to their associates.

Contact us at Heavenly Ham for our corporate gift options. We are sure to have a solution for you. You can see our corporate gift information here. Call us at (731) 668-4454 or email us here.

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